What is the worst part of a Disney Vacation? Realizing that it is over! About a month after the trip, I get a sadness, emptiness. I have no more trips planned, so its kind of a let down feeling. I really enjoy the planning part, all the anticipation, the excitement.. Then the trip comes and its so amazing, all your planning paid off. Before you know it, its over! Now what?

The first day of our trip was so amazing!

To get my Disney vacation fix, I hop on and read some of the message boards, but it makes me sad that I am not going back anytime soon. I randomly check room availability and pricing, look for outrageous deals (which never appear) and just hope that something will pop up that I just cant pass it up!

Meanwhile, I enjoy helping others plan their trips. Whether its answering questions, helping them research things, etc. I have a couple friends going in the next few months, and I can live through them for now. I really wish I could plan another trip for us!

Its not only the cost, its getting time off work, and actually leaving! My daughter works for the school district, so she has summers off, and all the school holidays, but those are very crowded times. I can take off whenever, but I’m an IT person and I hate to leave my company uncovered for too long. This last trip we left on a Friday night and came back on a Wednesday night – so we only had to take off 3 days of work. We had 4.5 SOLID days of Disney. Was it enough? No, but it was better than nothing!

So I think about things I can put in the blog, and I always feel a little sadness, because its not planning info that comes into my head, its the thought that we are NOT planning another trip. Don’t mean to be a downer. I guess what you can take from this – always have another trip planned! That would solve the problem!