My Disney World Vacation Blog

This blog will be broken up into small chunks, so you can easily follow along with the planning process. I will also blog during our vacation and try to offer as many tips as possible. I am by no means a Disney World professional. I have not been to WDW in over 10 years, but I do frequent Disneyland (Annual Passholder and we go a lot!)

Background Info: My daughter and I are avid Disney fans. Living in Southern California, we go to Disneyland every chance we get. The men (my husband and son) will go, but would probably prefer not to. So we leave them at home most of the time. We both have Annual Passes and try to soak up as much Disney as we can handle. Our family started going to Disneyland regularly since my daughter was 3, and now she is almost 28. We go many times a year now!

My daughter did the Disney College Program, she worked in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom. This spot fit her perfectly! Everyone who knows her would agree! She worked on Peter Pan and It’s a Small World. She absolutely loved it. She is a people person and loves interaction. As part of her job rotation she also got to do Fireworks crowd control often (many others did not want to do it – so she would volunteer!). She loves WIshes! (the firework show). She saw it so many times that she knows it by heart! When we found out that Wishes was going away – we had to plan a trip to go see it one more time (or maybe a few more times)! At first it was a pipe dream, but we found a way to make this trip became a reality..

How much planning is necessary?

Its hard to know how much planning is necessary. I bet people go to Disney World all the time and never do any research, dont make any dining reservations, or get any Fast Passes and probably still have a great time. BUT, I believe with a little up-front research and...

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Research, second guess & make changes

As you might have already guessed, I am a planner. I am a researcher. I am a second-guesser. I just have to keep tweaking and adjusting to make things feel right in my head. I dont think its a bad thing, but it can be consuming. I dont spend hours a day or anything,...

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Packing Lists are valuable tools

For an organized vacation planner, packing lists are valuable. I can imagine how infinitely more important they would be to unorganized travelers. I always have a list. I do it mainly because I can add to the list as I think of things. I know so many people who just...

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Change it up a bit!

Anyone who knows me knows that I can't leave well -enough alone. I love to tweak things and change things and plan trips with various scenarios! So of course, I have to make some changes to our trip! Dates are set, flights are set. Those things cant change (well, they...

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Time to get Fast Passes

Reservations all set, decided which parks to visit on which days, and made some Priority reservations, I used and a few other sites to determine which parks would be the best for each day. No, I didn't really follow these guides to a tee, but I did...

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Let’s make an itinerary

Organizing your trip into manageable pieces really helps with planning. I create a spreadsheet in Excel to keep track of everything. It helps me visualize and create cheat sheets for each day. This picture below shows how I organize and color code things. It is quite...

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Reservations Made. Now what?

Reservations made on JetBlue Vacations. It was simple! Prices were really great, too. I understand that now they are my contact for the room, and I cant make changes online or with Disney themselves, but I literally saved almost $600 on the package, so I will deal...

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Guess what? We’re going to Disney World!¬†

Wow! Pinch me. I still cant believe that in about 45 days we will be heading to Disney World. It's really one of my most favorite places. Its just going to be my daughter and I, which is going to be amazing! We both like to do the same things, at the same pace, eat...

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