My Disney World Vacation Blog

This blog will be broken up into small chunks, so you can easily follow along with the planning process. I will also blog during our vacation and try to offer as many tips as possible. I am by no means a Disney World professional. I have not been to WDW in over 10 years, but I do frequent Disneyland (Annual Passholder and we go a lot!)

Background Info: My daughter and I are avid Disney fans. Living in Southern California, we go to Disneyland every chance we get. The men (my husband and son) will go, but would probably prefer not to. So we leave them at home most of the time. We both have Annual Passes and try to soak up as much Disney as we can handle. Our family started going to Disneyland regularly since my daughter was 3, and now she is almost 28. We go many times a year now!

My daughter did the Disney College Program, she worked in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom. This spot fit her perfectly! Everyone who knows her would agree! She worked on Peter Pan and It’s a Small World. She absolutely loved it. She is a people person and loves interaction. As part of her job rotation she also got to do Fireworks crowd control often (many others did not want to do it – so she would volunteer!). She loves WIshes! (the firework show). She saw it so many times that she knows it by heart! When we found out that Wishes was going away – we had to plan a trip to go see it one more time (or maybe a few more times)! At first it was a pipe dream, but we found a way to make this trip became a reality..

This blog will include pre-trip planning, travel tips, and our actual vacation! Make sure you read all the posts 🙂 There is a link at the bottom of the page, under the blog posts to view older posts!

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Dapper Day at Epcot

Day 2, April 30 - Dapper Day at Epcot My daughter was sooooo excited for Dapper Day. She got up bright and early to get ready. She loves dressing up, and has so much fun! She does the Fall and Spring Dapper Days at Disneyland each year and always looks great. Today...

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4 Parks in 1 day! We did it

Saturday, April 29. Day 1 of our Disney World trip. We did 4 parks in ONE day! Easier than I thought. Even running only 2 hours of sleep! If we could do it - so can you! (We did have a little help) We landed at the airport early in the morning and then headed to the...

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What a great trip! TSA Precheck is amazing!

The vacation came and went! All the planning paid off - we had an amazing trip! This post will be about travel day..What worked, what didn't. Most things worked exactly as planned, and there were only a couple little hiccups. Our Jet Blue flight was scheduled to leave...

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OMG – just a couple more days!

This time has flown by! I cant believe we are leaving in 2 days! I am so super excited. I am all organized and have all my lists and paperwork ready! But I have not even started packing! LOL I do have a bunch of things gathered and stacked up ready to be packed, but...

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