This time has flown by! I cant believe we are leaving in 2 days! I am so super excited. I am all organized and have all my lists and paperwork ready! But I have not even started packing! LOL

I do have a bunch of things gathered and stacked up ready to be packed, but the suitcase has not even been opened yet. I should probably do it tonight. I am not too worried about it, like I said I have things stacked up and organized (sort of). Just a matter of getting things all in one spot and determining what I ‘really’ need to bring. I am of the mindset that I should fill the suitcase, whether or not I will need everything. I’d rather have too many things, than to have to run out and buy stuff. Although, shopping is really fun! I can shop at home – dont need to waste park time on that!

Another thing I have been thinking about a lot these past few days is weather. The weather report changes daily, which is pretty normal – but it is varying quite a bit between the different weather services. One says rain every day, one doesn’t mention rain or thunderstorms at all. One says cloudy and cool one day and then the other says sunny and windy that day. So its hard to plan. I do have ponchos ready, and plan on taking them each day, just in case! But I have white shorts, and some bright yellow shorts that I want to wear – but I definitely dont want to wear them on a ‘wet’ day. I almost forgot, I also have some white capri pants that I plan to wear one evening – but obviously not on an evening when its going to rain! So that’s my big dilemma. LOL

I have a couple extra dining reservations that I will need to cancel. I dont want to cancel yet – not sure which we will keep – a lot depends on the weather. The day we planned to do the Segway tour – one weather service says 60% chance of showers that day. The tour will be cancelled if it rains – but not entirely cancelled. They cancel the fun part, but you still can go do the inside training. You only get half the money back if its cancelled, but in my opinion, you only get to do about 10% of the tour. So.. if it really is going to rain I want to cancel in plenty of time to get our money back – and then I will need the dining reservation that I have for that morning instead.. Its things like that!

I printed out copies of all my reservations, and trip insurance, and our itinerary, etc. I put a lot into pre-planning the trip and I think that will really make a huge difference once we arrive. I created a bullet list of the things for each day – the overall plan. Not set in stone by any means, but listing the parks to go to, when the dining reservations are, show times, etc. I printed them on thicker paper, so I can just throw them in our backpacks each day. In case we get totally sidetracked! (which is probably going to happen!).

I am so darn excited!!!!