Hollywood Studios Express Transportation Check in area.

Disney has a new park-to-park transportation service that started last fall. I am totally going to be buying this add-on. Basically it is a bus that takes guests from park to park from an in-park location. The buses are in the backstage area, and travel back roads between parks. This could be a HUGE timesaver!

You must have a hopper ticket (otherwise you would not be able to hop to the next park), and buy the Express Transportation add-on. Currently its $19 for 1 day, or $29 for a week (7 consecutive days). Buses start running at 10am daily and run in each park until close. You can buy this add-on at Guest Relations locations anywhere on property or at the Transportation Kiosks in each park.

The buses leave each park at pre-determined times. The schedule does not change. Every 30 minutes on the nose, a bus will leave. I created a ExpressTransportation schedule that hopefully you can download and print by clicking on that link (or click the image below). But basically the schedule is:

Example: If you were leaving Animal Kingdom and wanted to go to Epcot – the bus leaves Animal Kingdom at 20 and 50 past each hour. So you could hop on the bus at 10:20, 10:50, 11:20, 11:50 … etc .. until park closing. The bus leaves exactly at that time, so get to the kiosk a few minutes prior. If you miss the bus, then its a 30 minute wait until the next one arrives.

How does it work? Once you have purchased the add-on. Go to the Express Transportation location in each park. They will scan your magic band, and then a Cast Member will walk you backstage to the bus. The bus takes you to the Express Transportation location in the next park. You do not have to go through the main entrance, security, fight the crowds at the front of the park at all. You are dropped off in the middle/back of the parks! I am so excited for this – I think it will save a bunch of time!

the official flyer

Edit: We did use this service on our vacation and it was amazing! We were able to do 4 parks in one day – very easily! That would have been very difficult without using the Express Transportation service. Many times we were the only one on the buses. The time between parks was maybe 15 minutes. And you are dropped off in the middle of a park – you can skip the security lines, skip the entrance area – its a huge timesaver! I definitely recommend it! Here is the flyer that we picked up at the Express Transportation check-in area where we purchased it.

Express Transportation Locations:

  • Magic Kingdom – By the exit Buzz Lightyear in Tomorrowland
  • Epcot – East of Spaceship Earth, back behind the restrooms.
  • Hollywood Studios – Next to the Rock ‘n Rollercoaster area
  • Animal Kingdom – Near Tusker House, to the left of the Dawa Bar

Supposedly its not widely advertised or used yet. So the buses will be pretty empty, and you should not have a problem getting a seat. We plan on using this service to park hop to all 4 parks in one day. I think it will make it very easy!

Make sure to read the blog during our trip as I will be sharing our experiences!