Yes, we are taking a red-eye to Florida. I am getting more and more anxious about it. What if I don’t sleep? What if some noisy, snoring man sits near us? What if? What if?? I am going to drive myself crazy over this.

We upgraded to More Space seats on JetBlue, which gives us more room to spread out a bit. The seats are not any wider, but there’s about 6 more inches of legroom. So we can put our bags under the seat ahead of us and really get comfy. Or that’s the theory anyway!

We have travel pillows, blankies, eye masks, earphones… and we are leaving at 11pm, after working all day. So I should be plenty tired, but I might be too excited to sleep! That happens, you know!

I read some tips online about flying red-eye and ways to make the flight more successful, and the following days more enjoyable. I have not tested any of these things yet, but here is what people suggest to help with sleeping on the red-eye and reducing jetlag:

  • no caffeine at least 6 hours before flight
  • dont drink or eat within 2 hours of your flight (or you’ll have to get up and go potty)
  • If the flight leaves at around the same time as you normally go to bed (ours does), then act very similar to the way you would at home – brush your teeth, wash your face, get all comfy, and get cozy in your seat as soon as you can.
  • Wear warm comfy clothes, and warm socks. Kick off your shoes and settle in
  • wear eye mask, and use a travel pillow (one that supports your head and keeps it from flopping forward or to the side)
  • get a window seat if possible so you can lean on the window
  • set an alarm on your phone (vibrate) so that it wakes you up 15 minutes or so before you land. This allows you to wake up and get acclimated a bit. If you can, go into the bathroom and brush your teeth/wash your face. Act like its a normal morning! Even if the time zone changes have short-changed you on sleep (we will be losing 3 hours).
  • Drink plenty of water, pretty much as soon as you can.
  • Try to stay up the whole next day. Get to bed at a normal time for the new time zone
  • Eat meals at the normal times for the new time zone
  • Act like the new time zone is the normal time. Supposedly this tricks your body into believing it!

I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂