We are under 2 weeks now and I am getting super excited! Although I must admit, for me, planning is a lot of the fun. I love the whole planning process. I love trying to create a doable itinerary, I love trying to score Priority Reservations, love researching hotels and all that. So I guess I’ll just have to plan another trip after we get back from this one 🙂

This past weekend I started gathering all the items that I will be packing up. I have my list handy and keep adding little things here and there. Now that I have all our stuff in one spot, I think I need to try to lean out a little bit – I dont want to have to take too many pieces of luggage. I was hoping for one big one and a small carryon, plus a backpack. Right now, I think I have too much! Haha

It’s funny that I want to be prepared, but I dont think I need to be prepared for every singe possible scenario. Now that we will have a rental car, we can easily get to a store to buy something if we forget something. More and more I think about it, I am really glad we will have a car. I dont know how much it will be used, but it gives us options!

On ebay I found a set of 50 disney trading pins. We have pin traded in the past and it was fun! I cant find all our pins, though. They are packed up and in the garage somewhere! So I bought this pack of pins. Some of them are questionable and I wont bring those, but the decent ones, I have put on lanyards and we’ll pin trade a bit. Its a fun way to get to know people, and chat a little. I love meeting people from all over 🙂

As our trip gets closer, it seems like I cant think about much else. People are commenting that Disney is cutting corners all over the place, things aren’t as magical as they use to be, hours are shorter, staffing is cut, etc… But you know what – even if that is all true – it will still be fun! I was talking to a friend recently and she thinks I am crazy! Maybe I am – I am crazy for Disney 🙂