Accuweather has a long range weather forecast. It goes pretty far out in the future. Its obviously just a guess, but I have been checking it every few days. According to this forecast, which is now about 2.5 weeks out, we should have really nice weather. Looks like mostly 80s during the day at 60s at night. One day it says showers (up to half an inch). I am not sure if this is going to be like the August rain, or a normal rainy day.

If you’ve never been to Florida in August – its an experience! It is HOT and HUMID! There are daily thunderstorms. These storms only last a short amount of time, maybe an hour. They dump a bunch of rain and move out. It is actually really great because the humidity drops a bit after the storm. But it just comes right back!

Anyway, I am bringing rain ponchos and will keep them with us, just in case. Hope that maybe the rain will come overnight while we are sleeping so we dont have to deal with it, but if it does rain – we will be fine!

I am looking forward to some sunny warm days – which is exactly what I like! Im fair skinned, so sunscreen is important. I’m also packing visors/hats. I’ll keep watching the weather and adjust the things we’ll bring to match the predicted weather. I don’t want to carry too much each day, so I’d rather dress correctly! We live in Southern California. so we are use to warm days and cooler evenings. If the weather stays as predicted, I think we will be just fine! If a wild storm comes in and makes it so its raining all day, every day – you know what? We will be perfectly fine then, too!