What sorts of things do you take to the parks with you? Do you rent a locker? I am busy thinking about what we will need to take with us each day to the parks.

I’ve been adding items to our packing list and trying to organize piles of things at home to get ready to pack. We still have about 3 weeks to go – but as I think of things that I want to take, I have been adding them to the stack. I have a stack for carry-on and a stack for the checked luggage.

I have been thinking about how to pack for a day in the parks. We are not planning any mid-day breaks at the resort, so we will need to bring a change of clothes with us, and possibly a light jacket for evenings. (average weather shows low 60s at night). We obviously dont want to carry the bag around all day with us, and if we’ll be in one park for several hours I think we will get a locker. But I don’t want to have to buy a locker at each park, so we may have to carry the bag with us. I have heard that they do offer an all-day locker rental. I’ll need to look into it 🙂

So far I am planning on using a normal-sized school backpack. I don’t have a ton to put in it, so we may be able to get away with something smaller. Here is what I am planning to put in the park bag (not the bag that I will carry around, but the one that I may store in a locker)

  • extra set of clothes for each of us
  • light jacket for each of us
  • sunscreen
  • fully-charged battery charger
  • snacks
  • small first aid kit (bandaids, medications, etc)
  • couple of bottles of water

For touring the parks I will be using a smaller sized Vera Bradley purse, or maybe a mini backpack or maybe a fanny pack (bringing them all – so I can pick and choose)

  • small sunscreen
  • small bag with some medicines and bandaids
  • small wallet
  • small microfiber towel (super absorbent, but small)
  • hand sanitizer
  • mints/gum
  • travel size pkg of wipes

It’s starting to get pretty darn exciting. Before you know it, we will be there!!