For an organized vacation planner, packing lists are valuable. I can imagine how infinitely more important they would be to unorganized travelers. I always have a list. I do it mainly because I can add to the list as I think of things. I know so many people who just grab a bunch of stuff and throw it in the suitcase an hour before they leave. No real rhyme or reason to it. Then they get to their destination and realize they forgot many important items! Yes, you can buy most things at your vacation destination, but that will end up costing you precious time and money.

I like lists. I think it helps keep my mind clear. I like to know that I have packed what I need, and not have to scramble around right before leaving to try to remember what I was going to take.

I break my list up into sections. I have a separate list for my carry on bag, and another for things going in the suitcase. I like to have enough in the carryon to cover 24 hours – so if my luggage gets delayed, I’m still good. I tend to take more than I need of things, and usually completely fill the suitcase. I figure as long as it’s under the 50lb limit, might as well fill it. Here are my packing lists for my upcoming trip. I will add items as I think of them. But so far I have:

Carry-on backpack (hopefully it will all fit into our large backpack – otherwise, I’ll use the carry-on size luggage):

  • wallet & small travel purse
  • 2 changes of clothes, including underwear and socks
  • small sample size shampoo/conditioner
  • toothpaste, toothbrush & floss
  • deoderant stick
  • small container with prescription medications
  • Small first aid kit with pain relievers, tummy meds, chapstick, bandaids, travel meds, alcohol wipes, anti-itch cream
  • antibacterial hand wipes to clean the seat / tray table in the plane. They never seem to clean those very well & I dont want us getting sick!
  • sunscreen – for the next day, obviously.
  • chargers for phone/ipad/ipod
  • battery packs for phone (and usb cables to hook to phone). I have 3 different ones. I will have them each fully charged & ready!
  • headphones
  • ipad
  • ipod to listen to music, saves my phone battery
  • Kleenex
  • travel pillow & blanket, and eye cover pillow thingies – to keep the lights out on our red-eye flight!
  • snacks
  • pens and pad of paper
  • gum
  • trip paperwork – copies of everything! Printed out copies of my digital itinerary that I created in Excel.
  • ziplock gallon size bag (in case of a spill or mess – to isolate items
  • Magic bands so we have them ready to go!
  • disposable rain ponchos. Its Florida, it will probably rain at some point.
  • Emergency card with contact info for myself and someone at home/rx info/health insurance info

In my luggage, I take:

  • plenty of clothes. shorts, shirts, tank tops, sweatshirt, leggings or jeans
  • couple extra pairs of shoes, including tennies, sandals & flip flops
  • bathing suit and towel (I know they supply towels, but I like to have one packed)
  • disposable rain ponchos
  • more items for the first aid kit – moleskin and small pair of scissors, aloe, lotion
  • toiletries: shampoo / conditioner/ hair stuff (double bagged in ziplock bags), razor, shaving cream, nail clippers, nail file
  • snacks!
  • glow sticks
  • laundry detergent
  • mousekeeping thank you envelopes filled with a few bucks for a tip for each day
  • ziplock bags and kitchen sized trash bags for dirty / wet laundry
  • night light (I hate getting up in the middle of the night and kicking things as you try to find the bathroom!)
  • Small flash lights (Animal Kingdom and parts of Magic KIngdom are pretty dark at night)
  • Pennies & quarters for pressing, and small album to put them in.
  • pins that I want to trade
  • Same type of emergency card with contact info as listed above.
  • HIdden Mickeys book – we want to find a bunch this trip.