Anyone who knows me knows that I can’t leave well -enough alone. I love to tweak things and change things and plan trips with various scenarios! So of course, I have to make some changes to our trip!

Dates are set, flights are set. Those things cant change (well, they could, but it would cost a LOT). The main thing I have been worrying about is the resort. Not because its a value resort, not because people compare it to Motel 6, not because of anything like that – I am worried about the cheerleader groups. I love kids, dont get me wrong .. but my son played club soccer and we traveled around a lot and I know how kids act when they are in a hotel. Hundreds of cheerleaders scares me more than hundred of little soccer players. Cheerleaders CHEER! They do their routines over and over! I know because my daughter was a cheerleader. I just dont want to deal with it while on vacation.

There are a couple different cheerleading events at Disney during our stay – heard that most of them are staying at the All Stars. Not sure which All Star, but why take the chance? LOL I sound terrible, I am really a very nice person. I have nothing against them individually, its when there are large groups that bug me. LOL So anyway, I called JetBlue to see what else was available. I know that they have a vacation change fee, but maybe they will allow me to make a change without the fee if I am upgrading.

Amazing – they did let me switch without fees – I chose Pop Century. Still a value resort. Some people love it, some people hate it. Going to cost $19 more overall – not bad. I understand we may still have groups, and maybe even some cheerleaders, but hopefully not the masses! I was tempted to upgrade even further to Port Orleans Riverside, but that would have been several hundred dollars more. No, I am sticking with the inexpensive trip mentality. We will not be in the room other than to sleep and shower. We will be in the parks 99% of the time!

So that was my big change so far. Didnt affect the bottom line much and I feel so much better about it. Plus, I like that Art of Animation is right across the little lake, and I’ve heard they have a really nice food court. We can also use their buses if the Pop Century buses have a super long line. So thats the plan for now – Pop Century!