Reservations all set, decided which parks to visit on which days, and made some Priority reservations, I used and a few other sites to determine which parks would be the best for each day. No, I didn’t really follow these guides to a tee, but I did consult them. The main focus of this trip was to soak in as much Disney as humanly possible and to see Wishes a few times! So keep that in mind as I describe our trip.

The 60 day mark came and it was time to pick Fast Passes. This was fun! I already had filled out my excel Itinerary with my dining reservations. I only picked one place per day (and one day I didnt chose anything – we are free to snack all day long if we want to!). I asked my daughter which things she wanted to do at the parks and she gave me her list. Pretty much all the same things that I wanted to do! We really do have the perfect Disney matched touring styles. We both go to Disneyland together OFTEN and enjoy all the same things. Our pace is similar and even our eating habits are similar. Like mother like daughter, I suppose!

I felt so lucky to be able to get all the Fast Passes I wanted, on the days that I wanted. I am hoping that we’ll be able to get fast passes in our 2nd park of the day once we arrive. Used the daily planner function on to see what kind of waits they predict for certain rides and used that info to determine which fast passes to try to grab.

For Animal Kingdom, got Expedition Everest, Kilamanjaro Safari, and a throw away one early one for Primeval whirl. We wont use that one, but it will roll off, so as soon as we finish our 3rd one for the day, then we can grab more! For Epcot, pretty much the same theory, Spaceship Earth early is our throwaway, then got Test Track and The Seas with Nemo. We plan on getting to that park early enough that we can go straight to Soarin’ and get on, but even if not, we have that here in So Cal, so if we dont get to ride it – no big deal. For Hollywood Studios, I got Star Tours, Rock N Rollercoaster and Tower of Terror. We will attempt to ride Toy Story Mania as a standby – like Soarin’ we have that at home, so if we miss it, its ok! Magic KIngdom we got 7 Dwarfs Mine Train, Space Mountain (different than in Calfiornia) and Buzz. We have Buzz at home, but heck, we love that ride!

We plan on using the Express Transportation option – I’ll talk about that in the next post. This will help us see a ton more than without it!