Reservations made on JetBlue Vacations. It was simple! Prices were really great, too. I understand that now they are my contact for the room, and I cant make changes online or with Disney themselves, but I literally saved almost $600 on the package, so I will deal with it. Hoping for the best 🙂

I did have to call them back to try to get my Disney reservation number. When I booked I was given a Jet Blue Vacations number, which supposedly Disney would recognize, but when I called to add our Magical Express to the package the Disney cast member could not find record of our reservation at all, not by this Jet Blue confirmation number, not by my name, not by my phone number, email.. nothing! So I called Jet Blue and thats when I found out that it could take up to 4 days for the reservation to be sent to Disney. She obviously could not give me a Disney confirmation number because Disney didn’t even know that I was coming!

Fast forward a few days. I called Jet Blue first to see if they had received the Disney confirmation number yet. They did & they gave it to me. Said that I would need to call Disney to set up the Magical Express. Ok sure .. So I called Disney but the cast member said he could not find my trip. I gave him both confirmation numbers and still nothing. He said I had an account for My Disney Experience but he could not find any hotel reservations. I asked him to look harder. LOL He finally said that he would transfer me to the wholesale dept because Expedia, Travelocity, etc buy rooms wholesale and that department may be able to help me. Sure enough, the wholesale dept had my reservation! Yay! The girl was super helpful and helped me link things up so I could use the My Disney Experience site and also she signed us up for Magical Express. Who hoo! I feel like things are happening now!

I logged into My Disney Experience later that day and the reservation did show up!  My 60 day mark was 2 days away so I should be good with the Fast Pass selections. I had already made some dining reservations, which I may change, but I have some!  We have some favorite spots that we like to visit each trip. I know not everyone loves Prime Time 50s Cafe, but we have some great memories from that place, so we go each trip. Is the food spectacular – no. The service is hit or miss, but it makes you feel like family – in an odd sort of way. Anyway, I have reservations for that, for breakfast at Kona Cafe. Kona Cafe is located in the Polynesian Resort. People love that resort. Not sure what it is that they love. Maybe its because its a monorail resort, maybe its the beautiful pool area, maybe the rooms are amazing (I havent seen them, so I cant comment), but I would not want to stay there. Its so dark and damp feeling. They have the stinky water there, too. But the Kona Cafe is wonderful! Another reservation I grabbed this time is the new character breakfast at La Tratoria on the Boardwalk. I dont think we have ever eaten there before, but its a new character meal so we thought we’d try it.

Priority Reservations Disney Style – its a decent system they have. You make your priority ressies up to 180 days in advance. You can make them online or by calling Disney dining. They give you a day / time. You show up and check in. They will then give you the next table available for a party your size. Obviously if other people with ressies are there before you, they get their table first. We have never had to wait more than 15-20 minutes with a priority reservation. WIthout one, you can wait up to 2 hours for a table, and some places will turn you away. So if you really want to eat a specific restaurant, you really should make a reservation. Now they ask for a credit card to hold your ressie, and you will be charged if you are a no-show. I think its $10 pp. So that encourages people to actually use the reservation if you make it. You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance with no penalty. I believe they hold the reservation for 10 minutes after your time. We typically try to get there 15 minutes before our time, just for a cushion.